A stop and frisk of an armed teenager in Brownsville in the pre-dawn hours on Sunday turned into a foot chase, with an NYPD officer shooting at the teen before arresting him.

According to an NYPD release, two plainclothes officers driving an unmarked vehicle saw a man walking near Hinsdale Street and DeWitt Avenue shortly before 3 a.m. who appeared to be "adjusting an object in his waistband." The NYPD says officers stopped, displayed their shields, and began to question the man, when he suddenly ran towards Snediker Avenue, removing a gun from his waist while he fled. The officers ran after him, and they say the suspect "pointed the firearm in the direction of the officers," leading one of them to shoot at the fleeing suspect.

No one was hit by the officer's bullet, and the suspect, 19-year-old Moses Santana, was caught a block from where he was stopped. Santana is charged with attempted assault, two counts of criminal possession of a weapon, resisting arrest, menacing, and possession of marijuana.

According to the most recent NYPD data [PDF], shootings have increased 10% year-to-year, while murders and rapes are down by 15% and 11%, respectively.

A poll released last week showed that the NYPD has a 59% approval rating among New Yorkers, a 9% drop from a few months ago.