Department of Correction officer Victor Hernandez was shot by cops in the Bronx yesterday after he refused to lower his weapon outside of a Bronx club. Hernandez, 35, was thrown out of Club Legend on 161st Street early Saturday morning after allegedly making a pass at another man's girlfriend, and pedestrians called 911 after seeing him stumbling down the block with his gun at his side. Plainclothes cops arrived and ordered Hernandez to drop his weapon. Hernandez raised his gun, and police fired 20 shots at him. They hit him in the arm once.

Officials say Hernandez is assigned to Rikers Island and authorized to carry a gun, but NYPD Commissioner Paul Browne told the Post that surveillance video "clearly shows the correction officer initially walking with his gun out in his right hand...and then subsequently gripping it with both hands as he turned the gun on responding officers, despite repeated warnings by police to stop, don't move." Police say they properly identified themselves as officers, and had their badges around their necks. Hernandez dropped his weapon during the 20 second standoff, and is in stable condition at Lincoln Hospital.

Hernandez, a four-year veteran, has been suspended without pay, but his father fumed at the officers who shot at him. "He's a correction officer. That means that the police shot another police," he said. "He has the license to carry the gun. "Why did the police shoot him? Correction officers always have problems with outside cops." But witnesses say Hernandez was given warning before cops began shooting. "I could see a bunch of cops screaming, 'Stop, stop!' " said witness Reyna Victoria. "I thought it was firecrackers, there were so many shots."