2006_07_pitbull.jpgEarly Sunday morning, a couple policemen were injured while responding to a landlord-tenant dispute at a Bronx apartment building. And, no, the injuries weren't caused by the landlord or tenant - they were NYPD-inflicted. To top things off, they killed a pit bull as well. A sergeant, a lieutenant and three rookies were pursuing a pot-smoking teen, Lenin Acevedo, who kicked in the door of another apartment. That's when pit bull named either "Cookie" or "Red" came bounding out, biting one of the officers. So two other officers tried shooting the dog, and somehow 26 bullets were unloaded into the hallway and the dog. The family who owned the dog said that there were seven children in the apartment during shoot-out and added that the police didn't even apologize for killing the dog. Man. The police are classifying this as a friendly fire incident that's within department regulations and will reenact the incident, but, really, 26 bullets for one pit bull?

Oh, and Acevedo later turned himself in.