A 19-year-old man was shot and wounded by police officers in Mott Haven last night after allegedly pointing a gun at one of the cops.

According to authorities, two cops on patrol spotted the unidentified teen discharging a 22-caliber gun at the intersection of East 146th Street College Avenue at around 5:44 p.m. yesterday. When the cops approached him, they say he started running towards them, eventually pointing the gun at one of the officers. That officer's partner shot the teen in the elbow.

One witness says the teen was running away from police when he was shot. “They were shooting at him and he was running away,” one witness, Joaquin told the Daily News. “The police were shooting right in front of me.”

Cops say the suspect dropped his weapon and fled into a nearby building, but was soon apprehended; he was transported to Lincoln Hospital in stable condition, and police told CBS 2 that the officer who shot him was "fine." Authorities say they recovered both the teen's handgun and another firearm inside his apartment, and that the investigation is ongoing.