Cops seized what they said was $2 million of cocaine that was allegedly shipped from one jewelry store front in Los Angeles to another jewelry store front in New York City. Adjust your weekend plans accordingly.

According to a press release from the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor For the City of New York, anti-drug agents in New York and Los Angeles "identified two fictitious jewelry businesses": Sapphire, in LA, and 21 Divine, located at 43 West 47th Street, suites 407 and 503 in New York.

Agents working with the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force identified what they thought were suspicious packages that were shipped from Sapphire to 21 Divine. After they saw the packages delivered, agents allegedly saw a man, later identified as 26-year-old Junior Lopez-Pena, enter Suite 503, and arrested him when he left the building. A search of Suite 503 allegedly turned up 54 grams of cocaine and a money counter, and DETF agents also found an alleged stray kilo in Suite 407.

Lopez-Pena was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance in the first and third degrees after his arrest. "This brazen trafficking scheme involved the delivery of 55 kilograms of cocaine to a bustling commercial center in Midtown Manhattan during broad daylight. By disrupting the supply chain and seizing $2 million in narcotics we undoubtedly saved lives," Bridget G. Brennan, New York City’s Special Narcotics Prosecutor said in a statement following the bust.