Yesterday, police revealed that a woman had been sexually assaulted at Morningside Park on Sunday night at 6 p.m. Now, the NYPD has released images and video of the suspect.

Columbia University issued an alert about the attack, a woman on the upper path near West 118th Street was assaulted after a man started a conversation with her. Brad Taylor, a board member of Friends of Morningside Park, told DNAinfo, "The fact that this brazen assault took place during daylight hours is especially troubling. The NYPD is generally doing a good job, but the park has so many hidden areas. What would help is a beat cop or someone who walks the upper paths. We would like to see more of a presence." Also while the park does have an Enforcement Police officer assigned to it (after some shootings), residents say they haven't seem the cop. Taylor also pointed out Columbia, which funds the Enforcement Police officers, also funds four Enforcement Police officers at Harlem Piers Park, which is much smaller than Morningside Park.

The suspect is described as "being in his 20’s. He was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt, black doo rag and jeans, police said."