A Queens family is grieving over the a 27-year-old man who was fatally stabbed on the J train platform at the 85th Street station. Dario Paiva, 27, died after apparently trying to save his younger brother from a group of men. Khristian Paiva, 19, told WCBS 2 that four men attacked him outside a video store while he was on the phone with his mother, who then called her older son, "One pulled me to the side and tried to pull a knife on me. That's when my brother showed up."

The suspects then ran up the stairs of the subway station, "and the two brothers followed them so they could get a description to give to police." Khristian Paiva said, "Dario told me to run. He pushed me out of the way and they stabbed him right in the heart," and that his brother died in his arms, "I called emergency services. The lady told he me how to do CPR but he died."

However, police are not confirming the brother's side of the story, telling the NY Times, "We’re not going to speculate. We don’t know at this point." The victim's mother said that it took too long for emergency responders to appear, but the FDNY says the first ambulance got there in 4.5 minutes, the usual response time. But Khristian Paiva said there was confusion, "Policeman runs up and he says 'What am I supposed to do?' And he runs back down and all you hear is the ambulance down in the street saying, 'He's not in the street. Where is he?'"

The brother also said one of the suspects—who he had seen on the street before but didn't know—said to him, "Tonight I'm ready to do something stupid. I don't' care what happens."