The police are looking for a suspect they believe is behind four muggings, three in the Bronx and one in Manhattan, over the past few weeks. In each instance, the man followed a woman into her apartment building and then onto an elevator, where he threatened her with either a knife or ice pick and finally robbed her.

According to WCBS 2, "The first three robberies were all in Co-op City. One incident took place on November 8, shortly after 1 a.m., at a building on Alcott Place. Two other incidents occurred on November 12 around 1:30 p.m. at buildings on Benchley Place and Elgar Place." But last week, on November 22, a woman was robbed at Peter Cooper Village. He has stolen jewelry, cellphones, shopping bags and cash.

One Bronx resident told WABC 7, "We just know to be more careful. Everyone was notified to be more careful. Not be alone, especially if you're a female in the elevator at night, because that's what we were told, that it's happened late night, usually, catches you in the elevator." The suspect is described as being in his 40s, around 6' and 250 pounds with a close-cut beard.