The manager of an Italian-American social club in New Rochelle almost lost a hand Sunday night because he may have owed the mob money, police suspect. Lt. Christopher Hearle tells CBS2 that 42-year-old club manager Vincent Zarcone "owed a substantial amount of money, and apparently Mr. Calise was unhappy with the payment schedule that had been worked out. Basically, [he] severed his right hand with a meat cleaver." Christopher Calise is accused of attacking Zarcone with the cleaver while an accomplice, Maurice Mann, held him in a bear hug. (Whatever happened to just wrapping a telephone cord around the guy's neck until his toupee falls off?) A patrolman caught the suspects as they fled the scene in a rented Cadillac, and Zarcone, who has a 2005 conviction for promoting gambling, required surgery to get his hand reattached. Now the FBI's Organized Crime task force is looking into the club, but Zarcone's cleaning lady insists he's a good fellow, telling CBS2, "He works downstairs, the computer."