2007_01_scoresny.jpgFour strippers at Scores West in Chelsea were arrested for offering to have sex with undercover cops. Hello, nightlife and cabaret beat! From the Post:

The cops spent several hours inside the temple of titillation at 528 W. 28th St. looking for violations, sources said.

They were told that if they rented a back room, they could receive sexual favors for $200 to $700, the sources said.

One of the girls assured the cops, "What goes on the back room stays in the backroom," a club worker told The Post.

The Post helpfully notes that those prices do not include the cost of renting the room or dances. The cops say one dancer wanted $700 for sex, while another wanted $300 for oral sex; for $750, they would "perform more exotic acts," according to the Daily News.

Three other Scores West employees were arrested on prostitution charges, and their lawyer Mark Bederow said, "One case was already declined for prosecution for lack of merit. The other six pleaded not guilty. Each of them maintains their innocence." We suppose the dancer who was let go didn't have any pithy catchphrases ready.

But the better quotes are from the Scores employees themselves: One dancer who was not arrested told the papers, "I don't do anything like that. My mother would kill me." A manager said, "I can guarantee you no girl did anything like that. Lap dances or table dances, that's what we do. There is no friction." And let's not forget the words of Chris Rock:

I have I piece of advice for you. No matter what a stripper tells you, there's no sex in the champagne room. None. Oh theres champagne in the champagne room, but you dont want champagne, you want sex, and theres no sex in the champagne room.