With the murder spikes and drivers getting away scott-free after dangerous crashes, we were beginning to wonder just what the NYPD was spending all their time doing. And now we have an answer! Jin Won of the Upper East Side is furious at allegedly receiving a number of tickets when it seems the only thing she was guilty of was not having her dogs' vaccination papers on her when out for an afternoon walk. And this was on November 13th, so it wasn't even part of the end-of-the-month quota roundup!

Won tells the Post she was walking her four dogs along East 99th Street when a police van pulled up next to her. She claims a cop asked if her dogs had been recently vaccinated for rabies, and she replied yes. "On the tag, they saw '2009' with the vet's name and address, and they're questioning me, 'Why are they not wearing tags from 2010?'" She explained to the officer that dogs had their shots in 2009, and rabies vaccines lasted for three years. The cop then allegedly asked her for the vaccination paperwork, and when she said she didn't have it he wrote her "a handful of tickets," though its unclear just how many. Won was shocked, saying, "I mean, who carries the paperwork with them?"

She says she tried going to her local station house with the vaccination paperwork and the tickets in hopes she could get them dismissed, but says she was told she would just have to appear in court on January 25th. A police source told the Post, "This officer was doing her job in addressing quality-of-life concerns of neighborhood residents." Because of all the things we're worried about in this city, we're most concerned getting rabies from adorable puppies on leashes.