And for your awwww-story of the morning we present you with Charlie, an 8-month-old German Shepard who might as well be named after Charlie the Tuna. See, yesterday Charlie the dog went for a swim in Jamaica Bay and if it weren't for two NYPD cops on harbor patrol that is where he would still be.

A little after 7:30 p.m. Charlie, who had just been picked up by his new owners after arriving from Germany, bolted from his owner's car and made a run for the water. Unfortunately, dogs don't really get the whole current thing and "by the time his owners reached the beach, they could see him bobbing in the distance."

Luckily, as Charlie did the dog paddle, Officers Benjamin Reiver and Edward Carr happened by on patrol and managed to pick up him using a tool called a dog noose. When all was said and done Charlie had been in the water for 40 minutes and moved more than two miles. As the officers brought their boat ashore they were flagged down by Charlie's owners, who wanted to report their missing pup. Suffice it to say they were pleasantly surprised to find the canine already aboard. Charlie was reportedly tired from his swim, but is doing fine.