A trio of police officers saved a man from the subway tracks at the Times Square subway station on Wednesday evening, according to the NYPD. A department announcement states that Lieutenant William Moore and officers Anthony Tufano and Richard Aponte were leaving their bag-searching post at 7 p.m. when they saw a large crowd gathered and heard a woman yelling that someone fell onto the tracks.

Moore and Tufano made their way to the center of the crowd, while Aponte ventured to the front of the platform where a train was pulling into the station. Aponte waved his flashlight at the train's operator while Moore reached down to the tracks, with Tufano holding onto his jacket, and pulled the man to safety.

The cops recounted asking the guy if he was all right. The man said he had no idea how he'd ended up on the tracks, but declined medical attention and left the station.