Last June police busted four people on prostitution charges at a massage parlor on City Island, but rumors persisted throughout the tight-knit community that tugs were still following rubs at the Sun Spa Massage Parlor, which happens to be two doors down from the home of Adolfo Carrión Jr., who was Bronx borough president until Obama chose him as the White House urban affairs director. Two days after a community meeting last month, during which some 70 islanders urged the 45th Precinct to firmly end the happy endings, cops moved in and once again made arrests: two for prostitution and another for unlicensed massage. Bill Stanton, president of the City Island Civic Association, tells the Daily News, "There is an up-and-running brothel four doors away from my church. When there's arrests for prostitution, I call it a brothel." He adds that residents have been reluctant to speak out because they were "worried about their property values." But just to be absolutely certain, last week the News assigned one lucky reporter to visit Sun Spa; he paid $70 for a massage, which ended without full or even partial release.