An innocent game of Frisbee nearly proved fatal for a two-year-old Airedale Terrier in the West Village yesterday afternoon, after the eager dog chased the disc into the Hudson River by the West Village. The canine, named Bodhi, was playing Frisbee with master Scott Kariya on a pier at 13th Street when, according to Kariya, the Frisbee accidentally skipped into the river, and Bodhi bounded after it. But once he was immersed in the Hudson's chilly clutches, the dog could not paddle out.

Kariya climbed down the side of the pier onto a piling and tried to get to Bodhi, who was floating under the pier. This did not work, but fortunately an NYPD Harbor patrol boat responded to a 911 call. Officers were able to use a "canine noose" to rescue Bodhi and get him onto the boat, where they wrapped him in towels and took him into the warm cabin to prevent hypothermia.

And after securing Bodhi, officers Benjamin Reiver and Kevin Fedynak then brought the boat over to the piling and rescued Kariya. All told, the dog was in the water for 40 minutes, the Daily News reports. At press time, it was unclear if the Frisbee was retrieved.