Two NYPD Harbor Unit officers saved a majestic hawk from the water yesterday morning. Apparently they were alerted to the "distressed" bird when, the Post reports, "they saw a flock of seagulls converging on a spot under" the Brooklyn Bridge.

Officers Christopher Kessinger, 26, and Steven Khaykin, 30, saw the hawk trying to flap its wings but unsuccessfully fly out. According to the NYPD, Kessinger put on "cloth gloves coated with plastic" and pulled the bird out of the water and into the boat." Then he and Khaykin dried the bird off with a towel. The police say, "In the process of drying the bird off, it hopped back on Officer Kessinger’s arm, where it stayed for several minutes. The bird then flew off towards Manhattan in the direction of Battery Park."

Kessinger said, "He was just hanging out. He calmed down and knew we were not going to hurt him." One question: Do they make oxygen masks for hawks?