The Brooklyn Bridge is a pretty romantic spot, assuming you can block out all the traffic, cyclists and slow-moving tourists stopping to snap photos every 15 seconds. But it's not the best place to propose, provided the engagement ring you offer your soon-to-be betrothed is not covered in rubber cement. And recently the NYPD had to come to one Canadian couple's rescue after their engagement ring fell between two of the bridge's wooden planks. But everything's okay now! Love conquers all, or something.

The Post reports that on August 9th, Olivia Fader and Mal Zee Harris of Nova Scotia were taking a romantic daytime stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge when Harris offered her girlfriend a lock boasting a "stunning white gold emerald cut diamond ring," according to Fader's blog. Unfortunately, the ring slid off the lock when Harris tried to open it, sending the very expensive piece of jewelry tumbling down 40 feet to the industrial platform below.

Thankfully, kindly police officers Matthew Manley and William DeFazio were able to retrieve the ring from the bridge's dark depths, halting traffic and driving across the bridge. Though they were reportedly having some trouble understanding how the engagement worked, since Fader and Harris are both women. "They were like, who proposed to who? They were confused," Fader told the Post.

Harris eventually proposed, and Fader accepted. The two left (very damaging!) love locks on the bridge and celebrated at a bar in Brooklyn. Of course, this isn't the first time the Brooklyn Bridge has tried to claim Diamonds of Love—in 2009, a prospective groom had to climb down onto the bridge's roadway after dropping the engagement ring while proposing to his girlfriend.