The NYPD has decided to release over 200 photos taken by "Dating Game Killer" Rodney Alcala of his potential victims in the hopes that the subjects or their families will come forward and identify themselves. Though Alcala is on death row in California, he lived in Manhattan for a few years and has been connected to two murders here. One policeman told the Post the photos could help "solve several homicides he [Alcala] is a suspect in."

Police were sent the photos last month by the Huntington Beach Police Department, but did not release them to the public, which angered his victims' families. "They should be in every newspaper, on TV and on the Internet,"said Sheila Weller, the cousin of Ellen Hover, who was found murdered in Westchester in 1978. Alcala has long been a suspect. The shots were found in a storage locker in Seattle, and the NYPD was sent 221 photos that suggested they were taken around New York. Alcala allegedly hung out in Greenwich Village in the '70s, going by the name John Berger and studying film under Roman Polanski. He was nicknamed the "Dating Game Killer" because of an appearance on the show.

21 subjects have already been identified in California, and cops hope the same will happen in New York. "He definitely was involved in more murder than we know of," said Retired Huntington Beach Detective Steve Mack, adding that he hopes the photos will bring closure to families of missing persons. "We ought to give the families that lost loved ones a proper identification." WPIX has a gallery of all 221 photos, which include photos of children.