A Bushwick store that sold groceries and candies was actually a front for a major heroin operation, police announced yesterday. NY State Finance Department officers were doing a routine inspection for untaxed cigarettes at the Gates Candy & Grocery on Wednesday night when they became suspicious and called in the cops, who found found a "secret door disguised as a shelf" concealing a room with heroin, fentanyl, a million glassine bags and more.

A neighbor told WCBS 2, "It's crazy! It's crazy! I would never have guessed, honestly. I go there to pick up chips and drinks all the time."

Sources tell the NY Post that state finance officers noticed drugs and drug paraphernalia during the inspection, and police later found "the stash in an area where cigarettes would typically be stored...They then closed down the store for a search warrant operation."

According to the Daily News, "Cops found several ziplock bags of suspected heroin, two full barrels of cutting agent, and several blue bags of what police believe to be fentanyl — a powerful prescription painkiller often used to cut and enhance heroin, police said. Police took their haul to a lab for testing."

Another neighbor, William Morales, told ABC 7, "I didn't know they were selling drugs there, you know paraphernalia bag for weed, that I knew, but as for drugs, no."

Morales also said he "saw a lot of expensive cars stopping off to allegedly buy 'candy' late at night, and he said the food inside the store wasn’t very appetizing." He explained, "They don’t have anything there fresh, or anything that I’ve seen. You know, I went there once and everything was old."

Two men are in custody. The investigation is ongoing.