Earlier this week, an adorable 5-year-old cocker spaniel named Ginger was found dead in Crocheron Park in Bayside, Queens. Her owner told authorities Ginger had been abducted by two men who punched her in the stomach, grabbed the dog and ran off—but according to a report in the Post, cops are now questioning the owner's story.

The tabloid claims that police have found "inconsistencies" in 29-year-old Lora Panossian's story, noting that she had dog bite marks on her arm and did not report the abduction/assault immediately.

Pension's friend had posted on Reddit that the incident happened on Sunday night:

Two men were in the dark part of Crocheron Park where the stairs are to walk down to the pond. Not the stairs by the highway and gazebos, the stairs that are closer to the hill. She didn't get a great look at them but the night before I walked by two very suspicious people while walking my dog and they were posted up on top of the stairs where the incident occurred. There were two of them one pretended to be interested in Ginger and bent down to "pet her", and then the other man sucker punched her and they both ran down the stairs. She was winded and couldn't get up but did hear a car peeling out. This all happened around 10pm. We filed a report and they sent detectives out here.

There were no witnesses to the alleged attack, according to police. "She can’t describe her attackers, even though she claimed to us the men spoke to her and petted the dog," a source told the paper.

Panossian's rooommate, Lamont Paung, also told the Post that cops were concerned something was amiss with her story. “[The detective] asked me how Lora reacts to stress,” Paung said.

Ginger's body was found in the park's Golden Pond on Monday.