As if getting to do MMA fighting despite getting pension for "lung problems" wasn't sketchy enough, the Post reports on a "PENSION EXPLOSION," where some retired NYPD officers are being investigated for allegedly faking mental illness to get an extra $3,500 a month Social Security benefits. Though they were deemed sane enough to carry guns during their careers, the cops in question are being targeted by the feds, and have set off a corruption probe. One supervisor allegedly told one retired cop, "You're f- -ked! You need to get a criminal-defense attorney."

The cops claimed to have mental disorders such as PTSD, though many also swore they weren't taking drugs for mental problems so they could be issued gun permits. Though it's unclear whether the cops in question took the drugs, all seem to have been issued prescriptions by one group of psychiatrists. They also used the same group of lawyers to file their claims.

One cop has already been arrested on fraud charges, and other arrests—of both cops and lawyers for "fee-gouging" charges—are expected. Some lawyers allegedly charged the cops one year's worth of SSA benefits paid in cash to file the mental illness claims.