The New Jersey man on the lam after allegedly squeezing a woman's toe in a supermarket parking lot has been arrested, just in time for sandal season to come to an official close. When did all the foot fetishists start crawling so aggressively out of the woodwork, and can they crawl back in, please?

Derrick Johnson Jr., 30, was arrested by police in Mount Laurel, NJ on Tuesday, after a woman accused him of the aforementioned toe squeeze on October 4th. The victim claims Johnson approached her in the parking lot of a ShopRite at around 10:45 p.m. that night, complimented her on her toes and then touched and squeezed two of them before telling her he was "obsessed with toes." Because it's all good if you just say you're obsessed.

Johnson has been charged with harassment. He will hopefully only fondle his own toes from now on.