[UPDATE BELOW] On the same day that a woman was killed while riding her bike in Greenpoint, protesters denounced the Bloomberg administration for removing a 14-block stretch of bike lane on Bedford Avenue in South Williamsburg. Approximately 15 cyclists braved the incessant rain to "resurrect" the bike lane, and according to progressive activist group Times Up, the small group was outnumbered by the NYPD. There were no arrests, but organizer Barbara Ross tells us Lieutenant Daniel Albano, head lawyer for the NYPD, was front and center. Check out this video of an absurdly long NYPD procession trailing the cyclists through the rain:

Earlier this month, the DOT surprised cyclists by sandblasting the bike lane away from the South Williamsburg stretch of Bedford Avenue, which some have speculated was ordered by the Mayor's office as a political favor for the neighborhood's predominantly Hasidic residents. (Last week activists painted the bike lane back in, prompting the DOT to paint it black.)

At a rally before yesterday's ride, event leader Ben Shepard said, "An injury to one bike lane is an injury to all bike lanes." Cycling advocates demanded that the DOT bring back the bike lane, and called upon the NYPD to improve enforcement of traffic laws. And the NYPD was right there to take note of the cyclists' demands: detectives took photos from unmarked vehicles and traffic cops sat at the ready in full riot gear, Brooklyn Paper reports. [Video courtesy Bicycles Only's Flickr]

Below, another video from Bicycles Only depicts protesters' attempts to bring back the bike lane... through dance.