cabgunman.jpgThe cops are on the lookout for a gunman who's committing a one-man crimewave against cabtrivers. The armed robbery has robbed six cab drivers at gunpoint in just over a week. Above is the sketch that the police have released and was published by The Daily News.

The most recent attack occurred about 12:50 a.m. Tuesday on W. 16th St., only a few blocks from the first robbery.

In each case, the robber hailed a cab, hopped in, flashed a pistol, demanded cash from the cabbie and then fled on foot, authorities said. There have been no injuries.

Cops were investigating whether the gunpoint robbery of a cabbie at Essex and Delancey Sts. on the lower East Side last night was the work of the same crook, sources said.

The police believe the same gunman commiitted an additional robbery late last night. They're asking anyone with additional information to call 800-577-TIPS.