Our city's manholes are safe again—for now. Yesterday police arrested an alleged crack-addict named Andrew Modica and charged him with stealing multiple manhole covers across town. He reportedly admits to taking some of the 30-odd, 320-pound cast-iron ConEd covers that have recently gone missing across town—but denies taking all of them. Meanwhile, police also arrested two different men in relation to the iron tree guards that had recently disappeared from Restaurant Row. Stealing metal and selling it for scrap: it's a real growth industry!

Police caught up with the 46-year-old Modica near his Brooklyn home after tracking his vehicle down down thanks to a license plate captured in a surveillance video taken last month. According to the Post's sources the alleged drug addict admitted to stealing the covers to sell for cash—but says he didn't take all of the covers that are currently missing. Which is believable as it seems taking them is a "thing" these days. Last month two men from Massachusetts were also arrested for the crime. Who knows, there could be more manhole thieves prowling out there!

As for the iron tree guards from Midtown, they appear to have been taken by Horace Jacobs, 35, and Robert Deloach, 31. The pair were arrested yesterday afternoon after being pulled over for a broken brake light on their van. They were arrested after a cop noticed three iron grates in the back of the vehicle. Once in custody, they reportedly copped to taking as many as 15 of the grates from the strip.