Police say a man impersonating a police officer sexually assaulted and then robbed a Queens woman last month. According to NBC New York, "The woman, 52, was posting flyers at about 11:30 p.m. on Nov. 20 along 41st Avenue in Flushing when she was approached by a burgundy van or SUV with four people inside. The suspect displayed a business card with a police logo and told her it was illegal to post flyers, asking for her identification, police said."

Because the woman didn't have her ID, the suspect made her get into the van, where he claimed two other people inside were under arrest. When she took the suspect to her apartment and showed hm her ID, "he forced her to take off her clothes, exposed himself, made her sit on his lap and sexually assaulted her. She then escaped the apartment."

The suspect, who also took her keys and laptop, was caught in surveillance video.