2008_12_fits.jpgThe FIT students who were giggly after being busted for running a coke ring in their dorm room were serious after appearing in court. The NY Post reports that Christine Scafa and Mickenzie DIppenworth "sulked out" of the courthouse. The DA's office said after initially selling coke to an undercover cop at the W. 27th Street club Home, the students (along with alleged dealer Raymond Alameda) "hawk[ed] 'zips,' or ounces, and 'eight balls,' or one-eighth ounces, of blow for up to $400" out of the women's dorm room, until "Scafa became suspicious of a new buyer, actually an undercover cop, and refused to give him the product, even though he forked over $100." A fellow student told the Daily News, "It's sad to hear people are selling coke here. I've had too many friends who've gone down because of it with ruined lives and squandered potential." Flashback: NYU's Pot Princess, who did eventually release a single.