The two cops accused of raping an intoxicated woman placed a fake 911 call in order to give themselves an excuse to return to her apartment and sexually assaulted her after having tended to her on two previous visits. According to the New York Post, prosecutors say that Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata (pictured) used a pay phone at First Avenue and East 13th Street to place a 911 call under the name "John Edward." In the call, they complained about a drunk homeless man whom they said was in front of a building two doors down from the victim's residence.

The pair knew that they would be the ones dispatched on the phony complaint and, after going through the motions of checking on it, then headed to the woman's building. There they entered with a key they had taken and covered their faces while passing the building's surveillance camera—only to be caught by a second camera unbeknownst to them.

It was during this visit that Moreno is accused of raping the victim while Mata served as a lookout. They were in the apartment for 34 minutes and are accused of later faking logbook entries of their whereabouts. The two cops, who pleaded not guilty, are awaiting trial after their indictment on Tuesday.

Update (9/9/11): Gothamist has published a long-form feature about the Rape Cop case, written by one of the jurors. It takes you behind the scenes during their deliberations, and explains how they came to their controversial verdict. Buy it today as a PDF or on Kindle.