Investigators are hunting for the man who attempted to poison an infant by delivering "toxic" breast milk to the child in a Brooklyn hospital.

After 38-year-old Kisha Jones failed to kill her husband's lovechild by convincing the seven-months-pregnant mistress to take a labor-inducing medicine, cops say she called Kings County Hospital impersonating the woman and told staffers someone would delivery home-pumped breast milk. When a man arrived with two 20-ounce Poland Spring bottles containing a liquid that didn't have the consistency of milk, hospital staffers got suspicious and called police.

Investigators don't believe that the man was Jones' husband, Anthony Jones, who purportedly dated mistress Monique Hunter for three years before fathering a child with her. According to the Daily News, detectives are reviewing hospital surveillance video and questioning Jones about the man. Jones has told cops: "I know [Hunter] and I don't like her, but I wouldn't hurt a baby like that."