Last December, while searching for missing sex worker Shannan Gilbert, police uncovered four bodies on Gilgo State Beach in Long Island. That discovery led to more beach-combing and six more bodies (none of which belonged to Gilbert), a whole lot of paranoia and a hefty reward for information, but no killer (or killers). In fact, five of the bodies found (including a toddler) have still not been identified. So today the Suffolk County Police have decided to release sketches of two of the victims [reg. req'd] in the hopes that they will lead to new clues in the rapidly cooling case. Have you seen the people in the sketches above?

The two mockups are of an Asian male and of so-called "Jane Doe No. 6." Though initially police thought the Asian man was a missing Nassau resident they have since learned that it is not. He was between 17 and 23, stood about 5'6" and was missing two molars and one of his top front teeth. Believed to have died between five and ten years ago, the new twist the police offered today was the fact that he appears to have died wearing women's clothing.

As for Jane Doe No. 6, she stood about 5'2" and was between 18-35 when she died. She also appears to have an especially sad tale waiting for us, as her remains have been linked to a torso that was discovered in Manorville on November 19, 2000.

Finally, police today revealed that the body of a toddler believed to be between 18-24 months that was found was not related to Jane Doe 6, who she was found near, but was linked to another female whose remains were found about seven miles away.

At a press conference today Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer called the identification process "painstaking" and "time-consuming" before spelling out the processes current status—which is not so good. Police are urging anyone who may know anything about the case to call Crimestopers.