Cops are in such a frenzy to hand out tickets to sidewalk-riding cyclists that they're screwing them up, forcing exasperated judges to throw out the summonses, the Post reports.

“They keep writing ‘subdivision B’ or no subdivision at all,” Judge Cesar Quinones told the tabloid, referring to a space on the citation intended for the infraction code. As it turns out, "B" stands not for "Bicycle" nor "Busted!" as officers seem to assume, but rather, indicates that it falls under the Environmental Control Board—which, sadly for quota-hungry cops, cycling citations do not.

Riding a bike on the sidewalk is the third most ticketed offense, the Post says, the top being open container violations. Still, the counter-intuitive code system makes us wonder: What's the infraction code for rappelling off the Brooklyn Bridge on a hose? Or for pooping on the subway?