2008_10_subshoot2.jpgTwo police officers were injured in a confrontation with an armed suspect at the 21st Street and 41st Avenue subway station in Queensbridge around 5:00 p.m. WCBS 2 reports one cop was shot in the abdomen (his condition is critical; he is undergoing surgery) and the other was grazed by a bullet (he is stbale). the suspect was also shot in the leg. The F is currently bypassing the station and cops have flooded the area; according to the Daily News, "Swarms of cops were searching neighboring housing projects and canvassing stores in the area, though it was not immediately clear if they were hunting for additional suspects." Update: Reports now say that the suspect reached for one of the two plainclothes transit officers' guns after they approached him for illegally using a discount Metrocard and fired at the cops.