Cops: They hate it when you want them to file a report, because their captains are always pressuring them to keep those crime stats down. So you can understand why two cops in DUMBO didn't make a note of that one time they hit a cyclist with their squad car.

According to the Daily News, Officers Louis Ramos and Paris Anderson, assigned to the 84th Precinct, were suspended without pay after failing to report hitting a bike rider Monday while driving on the wrong side of Jay Street by Sands. After knocking the cyclist off his bike with their car, Ramos, a 19-year veteran, and Anderson, a six-year veteran, "helped the victim to the sidewalk and gave him tissues to clean the cuts and abrasions on his face, arms and legs. Then the cops drove off." No fuss, no muss!

But that wussy bike rider just had to go crying to the cops (other cops) and now the incident is being investigated. "The big problem for them is that there was no paperwork on the incident," an NYPD source tells the News. "For something like this there has to be documentation, even if there are minor injuries." And this is the best part: Officers Ramos and Anderson are claiming that "they thought the man just fell off his bicycle after being startled by the patrol car's lights and sirens." Hey, it's their word against the bike rider, so that should be the end of it... as long as no video surfaces to contradict the cops' story, heh, right?

NYPD sources say that "at least part of" the accident was captured on surveillance video.