A 53-year-old man with a history of arrests and a number of aliases has been identified as the man who yoinked a bucket full of gold flakes from an armored van in Manhattan a few months ago. The NYPD believes he's fled to Los Angeles.

On September 29th, around 4:30 p.m., the NYPD says Julio Nivelo, also known as David Vargas or Luis Toledo, approached an armored truck parked outside of 48 West 48th Street. Nivelo allegedly struck as one armored truck employee made a pick-up and his partner ducked into the truck's cab for his phone. Police say Nivelo scampered off with a five-gallon aluminum pail with $1.6 million worth of gold flakes inside.

Sources tell the Post that Nivelo has committed "similar" crimes.

Surveillance video showed the suspect struggling with the 86-pound bucket while fleeing east.

NYPD Detective Martin Pastor of the Major Case Squad told NBC New York that Nivelo is "a career thief who's been arrested seven times and deported four times to his native Ecuador... Pastor says Nivelo fled to Orlando, Florida, before moving on to California, where he's believed to be hiding out in the Los Angeles area with the stolen riches."

Detective Pastor tells the Daily News that this was not just a random crime of opportunity: "Now that we know who he is, he’s well organized. He is, I would say, a professional burglar, a professional thief... He definitely knows the value of what he was taking. Not to say it was gold, but he knew what he was taking was of value."

Police released these images of Nivelo:

The Loomis armored truck company is also offering a $100,000 reward, which is probably nothing compared to dealing with the insurance company AND the enraged client.