Police continue to hone in on the woman that Long Island motivational speaker Jeff Locker contacted in East Harlem and is believed to be one of the suspects in the brutal murder that took place while he was being robbed inside his car Thursday morning. The woman along with two men, all described as black and in their mid-20s, were captured on surveillance video while they withdrew from Locker's bank account $200 each at seven different neighborhood ATMs. Yesterday the Post said that police believed the woman to be Locker's girlfriend; today the Daily News is quoting police sources that say it's a prostitute Locker had called from his cell and they're looking for. The paper also gets a graphic description from a mortician who arrived at Locker's body inside his car and tells them, "I knocked on the window to see if he was asleep or doped up or whatever. I saw his mouth open...His shirt had a bunch of holes and there was blood. The blood was dried. His head was back. His hands were tied behind his back. He was pale."