A little scoop from the Post about the business card that State Senator-elect Hiram Monserrate and girlfriend Karla Giraldo allegedly fought about, culminating in her getting a black eye and a gash on her face and him being arrested. Monserrate "believed the business card he spotted in her bag belonged to an ex-boyfriend," sources tell the Post. Investigators not only "found the card at the bottom of the garbage chute in Monserrate's...apartment building after he was caught on surveillance video trying to toss her bag in the trash," but the video also allegedly shows Giraldo "running screaming down the hallway holding a towel to her bleeding face and pounding on neighbors' doors for help." While the Queens DA's office has charged Monserrate with assault, Giraldo is not cooperating with them or the NYPD and her relatives have reiterated Monserrate's claim that it was just an accident that he tripped and fell into Giraldo while holding a broken glass.