Ever since the start of Occupy Wall Street Arturo Di Modica's famous Wall Street Bull on Bowling Green (technically "The Charging Bull") has been incredibly well protected by the NYPD from possible paint-throwers and lucky bull ball rubbers alike. So for months now, NYPD officers stationed by the statue have been doing double duty as protectors of the peace and personal tourist photographers. And though the protection around the bull has been lessened recently, DNAinfo reports that the cops there are still snapping pics.

Though the officer on duty wouldn't give his name, the site reports that he

accepted a steady stream of cameras from couples and families posing in front of the iconic statue Monday afternoon, urging tourists to "Smile!" before taking several shots of each group. The officer, who declined to give his name, gamely crouched down and adjusted camera angles to get a better picture. He also posed with children and several women and even allowed a few of them to try on his navy NYPD cap. "It's the public, so I've got to help them out," explained the officer, who did not give his name.

The officer further explained he was there to keep the tourists from spilling onto the streets—which was a concern of the local community board when the gates first went up. There is something a bit silly about a professional police officer essentially being assigned the job of shutterbug, but as one tourist pointed out, "This is the best way to show the other side of the NYPD. They're not bullies." At least not with tourists.