The NYPD has gotten less attention for catching criminals this weekend than it has for catching babies. While yesterday's special delivery story came along an exit ramp of the BQE in Brooklyn, this time a cop assisted a couple whose birth plan ended up with an audible not too far across the river from there just out of the Battery Tunnel in lower Manhattan. 28-year-old Officer Theodore Plevritis was flagged down by a cab driver exiting the tunnel, honking his horn and waving wildly as Ester Abbot was going into labor in his backseat just before 6 a.m yesterday. The officer said he could see that "this baby was ready to go," and ended up delivering it within five minutes. Plaevritis, a bachelor with no children, told the News, "I caught the baby; she did all the work. She was slippery. I just wanted to make sure I held onto her." The officer says his knowledge of the process came strictly from a Police Academy training video. The baby girl and mother are both healthy at NYU Medical Center.