Two shootings and a stabbing in Fort Greene yesterday "were the result" of a cheap chicken wing event at a nearby eatery, according to the commanding officer of Brooklyn's 88 Precinct. High school students from across the borough flocked to a 40-cent wing promotion at Buffalo Wild Wings on Atlantic Avenue — then things got dicey. Here's how NYPD Captain Anthony Tasso described the crimes to the Times blog The Local:

"There were two shooting incidents last night, one on Fulton Street in which two teenagers were shot, neither life threatening, and one incident on Flatbush and Fulton Street, also non-life-threatening. There was also a stabbing in the vicinity of the Atlantic Center Mall. All incidents, although not directly related, were the result of a promotion for all high school kids from several schools throughout the borough to meet at Buffalo Wild Wings for a 40-cent wing promotion. (No school today.) Although there was a huge police presence at the mall to address the condition and turn the thousands of students away and send them back home, apparently a few rogue groups managed to cause trouble while heading home."

A Times web producer who was having dinner at an outdoor cafe on South Portland Avenue near Fulton Street at around 8:20 pm witnessed the aftermath of one of the shootings, in which two young men were wounded:

"Two shots were fired. We heard the shots but didn’t think much of it at first (they were loud, but didn’t seem particularly like guns; we initially both thought to ourselves that it was a truck or Dumpster or something). About 30 to 45 seconds later we noticed a commotion among a large group of teenagers at the corner and heard people yelling that someone had been shot...It wasn’t clear from whom or where the shots came. Some bystanders commented that it could have been a drive-by, since there didn’t seem to be a big chase after any perpetrator (as one might expect with a group of teens walking down the street), and because the victims lay 30 feet apart. But the shots were in quick succession, separated by no more than a second, and less if my memory serves me right."

We've contacted police to determine the severity of injuries and if any arrests were made.