Advocates have been pushing for years to make swimming in the Hudson River a reality for New Yorkers, but one career thief has been doing his part to get the NYPD to explore the possibilities of entering into other local waters that would normally be avoided. Yesterday a police diver went into the 50-degree water of Meadow Lake in Fresh Meadows Park for four hours to fish out four ATMs that were allegedly dumped there by Valentin Garcia, who had been arrested for grand larceny after getting caught lifting the ATMs right into a van, seen in the clip below.

Garcia previously made headlines when he attempted to avoid a police chase last month by diving into the East River only to be pulled out by cops. When the thief was released on bail a few days later, he was arrested again the next day for one of the ATM robberies. Garcia was able to get $12,000 out of one of the machines he removed from a Washington Heights location.

Police will have to go back into the murky lake water today after yesterday's operation turned out to be a failure due to the water being just too thick. One police source told the Daily News, "He gave the phrase 'cash machines' a whole new meaning." Did he?