Conflicting reports are emerging about an NYPD shooting at 68 Himrod Street in Bushwick this morning. What seems generally established so far is that a man was shot in the leg as officers were trying to fend off two allegedly charging pitbulls during a drug bust. According to the Post, the victim is a 17-year-old who was an innocent bystander shot by mistake, but a spokesman for the NYPD press office told us he believes the victim is an adult. (The NYPD would not provide any official information at this time.)

One local resident tells the Post the dogs belong to the victim, who goes by the name "Homie." This witness tells the tabloid, "I was watching [the] movie '007' and I heard three shots. I thought it was from the movie. So I went to the window and I saw him laying there in the street screaming. He was bleeding from his leg. He was screaming “why me I got nothing, I got nothing.’ " The victim is currently in stable condition at Kings County Hospital and expected to survive.

Other neighbors tell DNAinfo the 22-year-old victim, who lives next door to the crime scene, had been walking toward the house when the shooting occurred, and that the dogs were not loose, but tied securely in the yard. NY1 confirms it was a drug bust, and witnesses tell DNAinfo plainclothes officers pulled up to the location in a black SUV, and burst out with guns drawn. "They just jumped out, they didn't announce themselves, they were in regular clothes and they just started shooting," Raymone Beamon, 31, says. "My first response was 'I'm calling the cops,' thinking that they were regular perpetrators or some thugs."

Beamon also says the unidentified victim was unarmed. Sources tell the Daily News that when police moved in to do the bust, a suspected drug dealer "unleashed one of the dogs and one of the officers opened fire." And yet another neighbor tells the Post that one of the dogs is not a pit bull, but rather "a black dog [that] has bit six people already."