A cache of psychedelic drugs and weapons was found in the closet of a Crown Heights Jewish youth center, apparently belonging to a 28-year-old man who was living in the cramped space.

Cops uncovered the goods—which, according to the Daily News, included psychedelic mushrooms, "hallucinogenic pills" (?), pot and a "bag of acid" (?!)—at the ALIYA Institute on Tuesday afternoon. The loot is suspected to be property of the closet's tenant, Aaron Akaberi, who was arrested around 4:30 p.m. on unspecified charges.

In addition to the mystery pills and sacks full of acid, police also uncovered an AR-15 assault rifle and a hunting rifle, as well as a locked safe, which they are awaiting a warrant to open.

The center's founder, Rabbi Moshe Feiglin, told CrownHeights.info, "The area where police found the guns and drugs is a small closet that we have been renting out to an individual," and law enforcement sources said, "Feiglin is being very cooperative with us, he wants nothing to do with this kind of stuff and wants it out of his synagogue."

Akaberi is awaiting arraignment.