The search for more bodies on Long Island expanded to Nassau County today and has already turned up what appear to be the remains of two more bodies [reg req'd]. "They are human remains. It’s not a complete body, they are partial human remains," a source told the Post.

Investigators were quickly able to rule the bones were not from animals, and the remains have since been taken to be examined. Though the other bodies were found in burlap sacks, these new finds were found in plastic bags. It is too early to tell if the bodies are related to the four that were found on Gilgo State Beach last December, the additional bodies found recently or the four bodies that were found in Atlantic City in 2006.

Meanwhile, the families of the first four victims have received the death certificates for their loved ones, which reportedly list the cause of death as asphyxia. So, if these deaths are all the work of a one person, it appears that the Long Island Killer is a choker.