It's all the rage to overanalyze every single thing that has to do with traveling via airplanes, so it's a bit surprising to learn that New Jersey authorities let a man board a flight after they discovered a hidden knife in one of his bags.

Cops say that on Monday, a 46-year-old man from Union City attempted to board a flight at Newark Airport when the x-ray machine revealed a knife in his leather bag. Authorities immediately searched the bag and found a knife below a panel. According to a TSA Spokesperson, the knife was "artfully concealed."

The TSA then called Port Authority police, who confiscated the knife. The man apparently told the cops that he didn't know about the knife because — wait for it — it was his brother's bag. Of course it was! Who doesn't travel with their sibling's bags?

The excuse worked, though. The man was then allowed to board the flight because the cops didn't think he was suspicious. Sounds about right to us.