Parking in this city man, it's a real pain in the butt, huh? Leave it to New York's Finest though, to use their awesome investigative skills to discover a whole slew of parking spots in this strip of green-painted streetscape that was left empty of cars for some reason. Seeing the boys in blue lead the way for New Yorkers once again, that's what I call Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect!

Now that my tryout for the Daily Caller is finished, yes, that is a picture of cops using the much-ballyhooed bike lane in front of City Hall as a parking lot. The bike lane was installed as a way to protect cyclists from insane traffic as they tried to get on or off the Brooklyn Bridge on the Manhattan side, and is also supposed to link up with a planned reopening of the 1 Police Plaza-adjacent Park Row that was announced at a big deal press conference.

Why worry about any of that safe streets nonsense though, when the car-free asphalt provides such a great place to park police vans and even rows and rows of police bikes:

Although, given the previous instances of police pretending that the paint used to indicate bike lanes was just a beacon drawing them toward a coveted place to park, we probably shouldn't be too surprised about this.