2008_07_rosebanksh.jpgThere was another police-involved shooting this morning: Around 7AM, retired NYPD sergeant Jason Aiello, who had escaped from a hospital's psychiatric ward, was outside his home in Rosebank, "armed with a few weapons and screaming." Police say they repeatedly asked Aiello to drop his weapons, but when he didn't, he was shot in the head. WABC 7 suggests it could have been "suicide by cop," and the police told the Advance Aiello's children were "in the immediate vicinity." Aiello had worked as a bodyguard for a Staten Island jeweler who was gunned down in May. Aiello was present and the FBI has been investigating that case, suspecting that jeweler Louis Antonelli, who may have worked with the the Genovese crime family, could have been targeted by the mob.