After responding to a 911 call, the police fatally shot a knife-wielding 21-year-old outside his family's home in the Ridgewood section of Queens. Apparently his mother had called, saying her son was "acting erratically," and he was standing outside the two-story house when police arrived. Police sources tell the Post that the man slashed a sergeant's hand, prompting other officers to shoot.

The Daily News reports that cops repeatedly told him to drop the knife once they noticed the weapon, "But after he ignored their orders and began flailing the weapon at police, three officers fired at the man, killing him, the sources said. It wasn't clear how many shots were fired, but none of the officers emptied his firearm, sources said. A knife was still clenched in the man's hand and two other blades were found near his body."

The man, who was pronounced dead at the scene. had lived with his mother. His mother reportedly had a valid order of protection against him. Police also have reports of previous domestic disputes. Related: Why police cannot shoot to wound.