Yesterday morning, a five-hour standoff began when a 20-year-old kidnapped his ex-girlfriend and held her hostage in a Brighton Beach, Brooklyn building. It ended when police stormed the apartment's kitchen: The Daily News reports, "One officer used a Taser on Samuel White, 20, and another officer fired his gun when White lunged at Emergency Service Unit officers with the kitchen blade as they entered his Brighton Beach apartment around 5p.m." (It's unclear if White was hit.) White apparently managed to recover enough to stab one detective with a 12-inch knife, prompting cops to yell, "Put it down! Put it down!" before three officers firing at him five times, killing him. The 19-year-old ex-girlfriend had an order of protection against White, after he allegedly kidnapped her and raped her in August; yesterday, she did manage to escape the building. The NY Times says she climbed "through a window just as the police arrived. She told the police she had been raped." White's friends and sister do not think he was armed, telling the papers, "All I can say is an unarmed person was killed. It wasn’t necessary, it wasn’t right," and "This kid had no weapons. He was a good kid."