It's a delicate dance that happens every year. The cops crack down on the city's firework vendors. New Yorkers drive to Pennsylvania to buy their Independence Day supplies. And neighborhoods band together to cover during the celebration, because Gee, Officer that firework could have come from any roof on this whole block. But the NYPD is trying even harder this year to pit neighbor against neighbor to find the city's worst offenders.

Staten Island Police are urging anyone with knowledge about the sale or storage of fireworks to call the NYPD Fireworks Hotline at 718-667-2219 or e-mail Last year, the tip lines were responsible for over 200 confiscations. Staten Island's Assistant Chief Stephen Paragallo said, "Your call will help ensure the Fourth of July will be a day we can safely celebrate the birthday of our nation."

Both New York and New Jersey ban all consumer fireworks, while Pennsylvania and Connecticut allow some "novelty" fireworks to be sold without a permit. On the Fourth of July, cops are apparently planning a fireworks blitz that will include uniformed and undercover cops, helicopters, unmarked vehicles and "spotters" assigned to notoriously troublesome locations. Seriously, guys, fireworks can be really dangerous.