Wanting to stop them before they turn "deadly," elected officials are giving a south Queens unit the go-ahead to crash house parties in the area. The unit was formed earlier this year, but because of multiple shootings during such parties recently, Assistant Chief James Secreto said, "we had to move it up in priority." Just last June, one person was killed and two were injured during a drive-by shooting outside of a house party in Jamaica. One Queens native said, "Having lived out here I know how important it is to curb these parties before they get out of hand."

Police say the violence can stem from homeowners renting out their backyards for summertime bashes, which can result in crowds of hundreds in attendance. Community Board 13 district manager Lawrence McClean said, "There's a larger potential for conflict." Secreto says patrol cars monitor the parties, and the unit is ready to move at any hint of violence.

Already this year, 1,591 residential noise complaints have been filed with Community Board 13, which covers the area around Springfield Gardens. If they're loud enough to drown out JFK, they must be worth crashing.